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How To Operate The First Explosion-Proof Electric Locomotive

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Electric Locomotive


Underground Mining Locomotive

Operation methods of underground mining locomotive operation include: start, stop, speed regulation, reversing, braking, etc.

1. Start Up
Before starting the electric locomotive, check whether the bolts at the connecting parts are loose, whether the insulation of electrical components is good, and whether the handle is flexible. After checking that there is no abnormal condition, send a start-up signal to remind the nearby personnel to pay attention. According to the required direction, operate the reversing handle on the controller to determine the locomotive direction. Operate the speed control handle on the controller, slowly give the speed, and complete the startup process.

2, Speed Regulation
The operation method of motor vehicle speed regulation motor vehicle in the process of travel, at any time according to the road slope and production and transportation conditions for speed regulation. During speed regulation, the speed regulation handle on the operation controller rotates in the direction of acceleration or deceleration until the required speed. In the process of speed regulation, it is necessary to observe the road conditions and pedestrian conditions in front to prevent accidents.

3, Commutation
The operation method of the electric locomotive reversing is as follows: turn the speed regulating handle back to the speed zero position, and the electric locomotive will slow down and stop. Turn the reversing handle to the forward (or backward) direction. Turn the speed control handle from the speed zero position to the required speed position. Due to the mechanical locking of the speed regulating and reversing handlebars of the electric locomotive controller, before operating the reversing handlebars, the speed regulating handlebars must be turned back to the speed zero position to turn the reversing handlebars, so as to prevent misoperation.

4, Braking
When the electric locomotive needs to stop immediately in case of emergency, the brake device shall be operated for braking. The operation method of electric locomotive braking is as follows: when the brake hand wheel is rotated clockwise, the brake shoe is pressed against the wheel tread through the pull rod and lever to brake the wheel. When the brake hand wheel is rotated anticlockwise, the brake shoe is released from the wheel tread through the pull rod and lever.

For the sake of safety, the household must operate the battery electric locomotive according to the above content. If you have any questions, please call us, and we will answer them one by one.

How To Operate The First Explosion-Proof Electric Locomotive



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