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CAY Mining Locomotive With Battery Motor Traction

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Underground Mining Locomotive


Battery Locomotive

Explosion-proof Mining Locomotive

Underground mine battery locomotive are designed for horizontal rail transport especially in mines and enclosed spaces. They are also intended for use in potentially explosive environment with coal dust and methane in volume up to 1.5 %. They can work on slopes of rail lines up to 35‰ , with track gauge from 500 to 1060 mm, at ambient temperatures from -20 to +40°C.

Locomotives are with single cabin and two cabins weighing from 2.5 t to 18 t. Cabins are removable, due to a simple transport into underground tunnels.The Explosion-proof Mining Locomotive is Transmission of torque moment from the electric motors is through the axle gearbox to travel wheels. The chassis is of dual-axle type and travel wheels are secured with interchangeable rims. Suspension of locomotive is provided by elastic rubber-metal blocks of sagittal shape or by means of springs in accordance with the track quality.

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