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Jining Customs Leaders Visit China Coal Group

Date:2024-06-03     Label:

China Coal News Visit And Guidance

On May 11, Guo Chen, Chief of Enterprise Management Section of Jining Customs, and Wang Lang, Deputy Chief of the Section, visited China Coal Group to provide guidance on the Group's foreign trade import and export business. Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Shipping Group, Guan Chenghui, Secretary of the Group's Party Committee, Zhang Hang, General Manager of the Group's cross-border e-commerce company and Deputy General Manager of the Group's cross-border e-commerce company, were accompanied and received by Zhang Wen.

Accompanied by Mr. Li and other leaders, Mr. Guo and his party visited China Coal Group's Intelligent Achievement Showroom, Intelligent Equipment Showroom, Cross-border E-commerce Company, E-commerce Company, Operation Company, Software Technology Company and so on. During the visit, Mr. Li made a brief introduction on the overall development of China Coal Group and its business sectors, and focused on the development of our group in cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce platform operation and other areas, which was well received by the visiting leaders.

At the symposium, Mr. Li expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Mr. Guo and his delegation, and expressed his gratitude to Jining Customs for its long-term care and support to China Coal Group. He also introduced in detail the production and operation, foreign trade import and export situation and future development plan of our group. Mr. Li said that as a member enterprise of the United Nations Global Compact and a key enterprise of cross-border e-commerce in Shandong Province, the Group actively responds to the national policy of exporting foreign exchange, accelerates the development of new forms and modes of foreign trade, formulates the Group's "Five-Year Cross-Border E-commerce Development Plan", and vigorously expands the overseas market and develops the cross-border e-commerce business relying on the advantages of the industry and the advantages of the resources.

Through the visit, Guo highly recognized the overall import and export business situation of our group and the operation of cross-border e-commerce platform. Guo pointed out that China Coal Group has stood out in the field of cross-border e-commerce with its forward-looking strategic vision and innovative strength, and has been in the forefront of most cross-border e-commerce companies, and put forward targeted professional advice and opinions, and he hoped that, China Coal Group will keep up the good work, He hopes that China Coal Group will continue to make persistent efforts and seize the opportunity to play a leading role in promoting the development of Jining's foreign trade industry in a better direction, and that Jining Customs will increase its support efforts, strengthen its publicity and guidance, and do a good job of guaranteeing services, and strive to create a highly efficient and convenient customs clearance environment, so as to make a greater contribution to the promotion of high-quality development of the local economy and society.

Mr. Li said, thanks to the leaders of Jining Customs for their concern and support for the development of China Coal over the years, the next step we will make full use of the Group's unique advantages in the development of cross-border e-commerce, follow the situation of international economic globalization, grasp the opportunities of the times, expand the global market, and further intensify the expansion of overseas markets, expand the scale of foreign trade imports and exports, and push the Group's development of foreign trade imports and exports to a new level, and make greater contributions to the development of foreign trade for Jining and even Shandong Province. Make greater contribution to the development of foreign trade in Jining and even Shandong!



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