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American Customers Visit China Coal Group To Purchase Construction Machinery Products

Date:2024-06-25     Label:

China Coal News Business Purchase

On May 23rd, American merchants visited China Coal Group to purchase engineering machinery and equipment. Yu Cui, executive vice president of China Coal Group and general manager of the e-commerce company, and Zhang Wen, general manager of the group's cross-border e-commerce company, and other leaders warmly received them.

Accompanied by Mr. Yu and other leaders, the U.S. customers visited China Coal Group's construction machinery digitalization workshop, carefully observed the production process of the equipment and checked the samples at the production site. During the visit, the staff explained the working principle and technical advantages of the products in detail for the customers, and the visiting businessmen praised our group's long-term high standard and strict quality control, fast delivery cycle and all-round service.

After the visit, the two sides carried out in-depth technical communication and business negotiation, the U.S. customers showed great interest in the various types of China Coal Group excavators, loaders, spider cranes and other equipment, highly appreciated the quality of the product while also the speed of China's manufacturing and technological advances to give a very high evaluation, and on-site signing of the long-term procurement agreement of construction machinery products.

The visit of the American businessmen not only means the expansion of China Coal Group's international market share, but also the enhancement of brand influence and an important step in the globalization strategy. In the new journey full of hope, China Coal Group will continue to pursue excellence and work together with all parties to draw a beautiful picture of sustainable development. Creating products with heart, operating brands seriously and serving customers warmly are the tireless pursuit of China Coal Group. China Coal Group looks forward to working hand in hand with its global partners to create a new situation in the industry and accelerate its progress towards the strategic goal of "The Leader Of The Global Construction Machinery Industry".



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