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Zimbabwean Businessmen Visit China Coal Group For Product Acceptance And Renewal New Contracts

Date:2024-07-09     Label:

China Coal News Zimbabwean Businessmen

On June 27th, Zimbabwean customers arrived at the headquarters of China Coal Group for product inspection and officially signed a new batch of mining machinery and construction machinery purchase contracts. This not only marks the deepening of economic exchanges between China and Zimbabwe, but also is a concrete manifestation of the results of the implementation of the "Belt and Road" strategy. Mr. Qu Qing, Chairman of China Coal Group, Mr. Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Transportation Group, Mr. Yu Cui, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of E-commerce Company, Mr. Zhang Hang, General Manager of Cross-border E-commerce Company of China Coal Group and Deputy General Manager of China Transportation Group, and other leaders warmly received the visiting merchants.

In the construction machinery workshop, the Zimbabwean businessmen carefully observed the production process of construction machinery and equipment, carried out a number of on-site product performance tests, and strictly inspected the ordered products to be delivered. The staff made a detailed explanation and introduction on the technical parameters of the products. After carefully inspecting the production line and talking with the front-line workers, the client appreciated the meticulous quality control of China Coal Group.

During the seminar, both sides had a warm and efficient exchange on product quality, technical parameters and after-sales service. The Zimbabwean businessmen spoke highly of the quality of China Coal Group's products and said that after strict on-site inspections and technical tests, all the equipments met or even exceeded the pre-set technical standards and contract provisions. Subsequently, the representatives of both parties signed a new round of purchase and sales contract of mining machinery and construction machinery on the basis of the principle of equality and mutual benefit. The batch contains a variety of heavy equipment such as winches, excavators, electric forklifts and crawler carriers.

As one of the leading large-scale equipment manufacturers in China, China Coal Group's influence in the international market, especially in emerging markets, continues to climb. By continuously optimizing product quality and service system, it has won a good international reputation as well as a wide customer base. With the signing of this batch of new orders, it will further promote the development of infrastructure construction in South Africa, and create more employment opportunities for local residents while promoting its industrialization process. We will also gain valuable experience and development opportunities.

The "Belt and Road" is not only a road for business, but also a bridge for connecting hearts. Today's handshake and signing herald the formation of a closer and more pragmatic bilateral relationship. In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to grasp the opportunity to enhance its position in the global supply chain, and at the same time, strengthen cultural and technological exchanges with other countries to realize the goal of common development and prosperity, so that the sea of the world's economy will become even more surging and stirring as a result of our joint efforts!



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