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CAY12 Underground Battery Locomotive For Mining

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Electric Locomotive


Underground Mining Locomotive

The electric locomotive starts smoothly, the speed is even, the operation is flexible, the overload capability is strong, and the electric energy is saved by about 30%, which prolongs the service life of the battery. It has the characteristics of large traction, high speed and strong carrying capacity, and it adopts a double-end driver's cab with good hope.

The 12 ton explosion-proof underground mining locomotive is different from the ordinary battery electric locomotive. The explosion-proof electric locomotive is equipped with special explosion-proof power supply device and explosion-proof electric motor, which makes the whole vehicle have explosion-proof performance. Therefore, it is suitable for the transportation of mine roadways with gas, coal dust and other explosive risks. According to the coal safety regulations, the mine explosion-proof electric locomotive should be used in the main transport roadway and the rock roadway of high gas mine.

Advantages: small size, large tractive force, simple and flexible operation, without stringing. It can pull 6-8 ore cars (0.75 ore hopper is fully loaded). Can be directly into the cage, without large disassembly.

Disadvantages: battery must be maintained frequently.

CAY12 Underground Battery Locomotive For Mining



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