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Attention Should Be Paid To The Operation Of Explosion-Proof Electric Locomotive!

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Explosion proof electric locomotive is a special type of explosion-proof electric locomotive used in coal (rock) high gas mine and gas emission area. It is used in the main air tunnel with full pressure ventilation! So how to operate explosion-proof electric locomotive safely? Today, the editor of Xiangtan electric locomotive said that 15 safety precautions should be paid attention to when operating explosion-proof electric locomotive.

15 Safety Precautions For Operation Of Explosion Proof Electric Locomotive

1. When the narrow gauge locomotive is running, it is not allowed to open the battery box cover at will. It is necessary to stick to the locking of the box cover for a long time.

2. Battery box maintenance is only allowed at the designated location of the garage, refer to the installation instructions of explosion-proof special power supply.

3. The ventilation gap of battery box cover and box must adhere to circulation. In case of accidental collision and deformation, it should be restored in real time to maintain the quiet performance of ventilation and exhaust. The accumulated coal dust and dirt should be removed at any time, and the heavy objects on the box cover should be restrained.

4. When narrow gauge locomotive driving in poor ventilation roadway or replacing parking place, the number of times to detect gas content should be increased.

5. If the locomotive parts have abnormal breath, sound and clamping signs, and the electrical parts and bearing parts have abnormal fever signs (the bearing temperature is not higher than 95 degrees), the locomotive should stop for inspection and be punished in real time.

6. If it is necessary to sand in the track state, it should be carried out at the first start and during the whole acceleration stage to increase adhesion, and avoid sanding when the wheels are idling and sliding.

7. The braking interval of the explosion-proof electric locomotive shall be measured at least once a year, and the braking interval shall meet the requirements of "Regulations for coal mine tranquility"): when transporting materials, it shall not exceed 40m; when transporting staff, it shall not exceed 20m.

8. The locomotive must be inspected regularly and regularly, and the hidden danger shall be dealt with and punished in real time. Any abnormal installation of brake, plug connector and sanding installation on locomotive or explosion-proof department shall not use the vehicle.

9. The driver of the explosion-proof narrow gauge locomotive must drive according to the signal instruction and send the starting signal before starting. It is forbidden to put the head or body out of the locomotive during operation. When the driver leaves the locomotive, he must cut off the power supply of the motor and pull the brake tightly, but not turn off the lights.

10. When the governor is being tested and tempered, the locomotive shall be restrained from standing before and after, so as to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

11. The governor must disconnect the power supply for five minutes and then open the cover. Because there are large capacity electrolytic capacitor devices in the box, it is necessary to discharge with 5o1012 resistance before the air difference inspection and tempering.

12. The inspection and tempering of the governor must be held in a firm and special place. As long as the governor works hard, the inspection staff can be engaged in inspection.

13. The governor has passed the debugging before delivery, and the rated speed of motor can be input by keyboard after the device is installed.

14. The transportation mission should be arranged reasonably to prevent the over discharge of storage battery.

15. During locomotive operation, if the battery has serious fever or abnormal smell, return to the garage and check the battery power installation.

Attention Should Be Paid To The Operation Of Explosion-Proof Electric Locomotive!



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