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Maintenance Of Electric Locomotive Braking System

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Each time the electric locomotive takes over, the damage and wear of the parts of the brake system must be checked, and the damaged parts must be replaced with new parts, because the reliable operation of the brake determines the safe driving of the narrow gauge locomotive.

In the relief state, the electric locomotive brake system should not tilt in the vertical plane, and the brake shoe should be placed in a concentric position with the wheel tyre.

Adjust the screw at the lower end of the connecting rod according to the wear of the brake shoe, so that the gap between the brake shoe and the wheel tyre is maintained within 2-3mm, so that the electric locomotive can brake quickly.

Narrow gauge locomotive motor oil must be applied to the joints between the bearing and pin of the brake screw of the electric locomotive, at least once every 5 days.

Maintenance Of Electric Locomotive Braking System



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