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Application Of Electric Locomotive

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Electric Locomotive

Underground Mining Locomotive


Electric locomotive transportation system: locomotive transportation is the main mode of mine transportation in China. The main equipment includes track, tramcar, traction equipment and auxiliary mechanical equipment, etc., which often form an effective transportation system with ore raking equipment, ore loading equipment, belt conveyor or trackless transportation equipment.

What the electric locomotive transports: in the production process, it transports ore, waste rock, materials, equipment and personnel, etc., which is one of the main factors to organize production and determine the production capacity of the mine.

The task of underground mining locomotive transportation: transport the ore (waste rock) from the stope funnel, the stope patio or the chute to the underground storage bin, the bottom (or middle) yard, or directly out of the mine through the adit opening, and transport the materials, equipment, personnel, etc. at the bottom (or middle) yard to the operation site. The main task of open-pit mine locomotive transportation is to The ore from the stope is transported to the beneficiation plant and the waste rock is transported to the waste dump.

Multiple energy stringing electric locomotive

There are two types of trolley: trolley battery trolley and trolley cable trolley. The former can not only obtain electric energy from stringing, but also use battery to supply power in the area where stringing is not convenient.

This kind of stringing electric locomotive has an automatic charger, which can automatically charge the on-board battery at any time by using the stringing power supply, without frequent charging in the charging room, which can improve the utilization rate of the locomotive; it can also be directly driven into the development and tunneling tunnel, with flexible use. When the latter works in the transportation roadway, it directly draws the electric energy from the stringing; when it is not convenient to install the stringing area, it can be powered by the cable, the cable can be wound on the cable drum of the fixed locomotive, one end of the cable can be connected with the stringing, but the transportation distance powered by the cable cannot exceed the length of the cable.

The electric locomotive is composed of mechanical structure and electrical equipment. The mechanical part includes: frame, wheel set, bearing box, spring bracket, brake device, sanding device, connecting buffer device, etc. The electrical part includes: DC series motor, controller, resistance box, pantograph, air automatic switch (stringing type electric locomotive) or explosion-proof bolt, battery (battery type).

Application Of Electric Locomotive



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