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Do You Know How To Maintain The Resistance Of An Electric Locomotive

Date:2020-08-05     Label:

Electric Locomotive

Battery Locomotive


As the resistance of the brake electric locomotive, the following aspects should be done in daily maintenance:

1. Use a dust blower to blow off the coal dust and dirt falling on the resistance insulating porcelain plate, and clean the porcelain insulator with clean cotton silk.

2. Check whether all the battery locomotive wiring bolts of the electric locomotive are loose.

3. The electric locomotive resistance band or resistance wire must not be broken or short-circuited, and slightly bent or deformed.

4. Check whether the battery locomotive porcelain insulating plates and insulators are cracked, and they should be replaced in serious cases.

5. Periodically measure the insulation resistance of the locomotive resistance to the ground with a shaker. If it is lower than 0.5 MQ, clean or replace the insulator.

6. The short circuit (grounding) caused by entering the metal object type resistor and the steel rail. The metal objects that have entered must be removed. If the resistance band of the locomotive is burned, it must be connected firmly or welded.



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